Breaker vs. Fuses

Why would you still want to have fuses in your home?

Fuses are a 1 time use. When they trip that is it and then you have to go to the store at the midnight or 4 am hour to buy some more fuses. They are more dangerous to install, that you could get electrical shock from if held wrong. Can actually cause fires in your home, when you try to install a larger amp fuse than what you pulled out. The old idea of placing a penny behind the fuse an the fuse box to make it work is the most dangerous thing that a person can do! This will cause a fire in the home, and can hurt or worse kill someone. There is a reason why that fuse keeps blowing. Let the professionals at Warner Electric  in Topeka KS to get this job done for you correctly.

Breakers that are on the market today have what is called a trip mechanism, so when there is a problem on the circuit the breaker trips, and does not reset and hold. This saves you money if this ever trips, nothing to buy or replace. All you have to do is turn off the breaker and then turn it back on to reset. If it still trips, this tells our electricians, that there is a problem that circuit. Breakers are set to certain amperage, that amperage is set by the size of wire going into the panel.  It is not wise to ever over rate a wire to make something work. Breakers can not be place in a fuse box. The entire fuse box should be replaced with a new breaker panel.