home inspector/ electric inspection

Would you take you body to your mechanic to fix?

A home inspector is a cheaper way to have the home inspected, that you are about to buy. A home inspector looks at the roof, electrical, plumbing, structure and the HVAC. Some inspectors are even trained to do  radon gas detection. But what is an inspector really trained to check? Most inspectors are people that were in business for themselves, and got tired of  either having employees, or the feast/famine (one month a lot of work and money and the next month nothing) issues. These people may have more training in the plumbing department and not in structure, or roofing.

At Warner Electric we do electrical inspections for clients and realtors in the Topeka Kansas area. We check every part of the electrical, from the service coming into the home, the panel, the type of wiring, receptacles, and how things work. Some realtors and current home owners are not happy about what we find, as we are very thorough. Just last week a realtor asked me to check a house and it had a 60 amp electrical service going to the panel with a 100 amp panel and breaker. The panel had several holes on the back side of it, pinching the stove wire, this is a safety issue that should never had happened!

If you can afford it ask for contractors to check your new home out as they will tell you whether it is done correctly or not. We are trained in our field, and we do it well.